Selling Your Home

I first like to get a little info on the house, then set an appointment with all the homeowners. I come with info I researched before our appointment. Then like to do a walkthrough and discuss any and all upgrades, chances done to the house. I like to get a feel of the house and listen to the homeowner. Then sit down and discuss what the homeowner wants are and when they plan to move, where they are going and my thoughts from what I see in general. I discuss all I can do for them and every way I will be advertising their home.

Once we come to an agreement and sign a contract, we set a day to do a more deeper look at the home, I use my inspection experience (18 yrs) and do a look to see if there are any issues that could be a big issue when selling and closing on the house. This is important, we don’t want surprises when a buyer has the house inspected and finds something then the sale goes south, or is delayed and possibly the buyer walks away and all this time the house is off the market. This inspection is only for the seller and me to see and discuss anything that may need attention. Then we set a day for the professional photographer to come in and take pictures and drome video. That’s went all the fun and advertising starts……and we choose the start date for showings and if an open house is a good fit. Then show your home and get it under a contract that you agree to and happy with.

Baby stretching with text that reads, 'closing day morning'
John consulting with his dog

John works to make everyone happy. 😊